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Title: Armorial Bearings and Flags; Regalia, Anthems, and Titles; Decorations; The Arsenal Museum
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Perceval Landon
Language: English
Source title: Nepal
Source number (date): 1 (1928-1993)
Source pages: 223-268
Source edition (publisher: place): Asian Educational Services: New Delhi (India)

with the flags of Maharajah, commander in chief commandings general, king, old flag, arms, the previous flag (before the two triangle flags was a different flag) and mutiners of 1857-58 flag).
Jaume Ollē, 14 Jun 2002


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Title: Symbole deutscher Zwietracht: Der Weimarer Flaggenstreit
(in English: Symbols of German discord: the Weimar flag controversy)
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Erhard H. M. Lange
Language: German (High)
Source title: Das Parlament
Source number (date): 31-18 (1981)
Source pages: 14
Source edition (publisher: place): Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung: Bonn (Germany)


Title: Das große Buch der Wappenkunst. Entwicklung, Elemente, Bildmotive, Gestaltung
(in English: The great book of heraldic art. Development, elements, picture motifs, design)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Walter Leonhard
Edition (publisher: place): Verlag Georg D.W. Callwey: München (Germany)
Language: German (High)
Edition date: 1976 (1st ed.)
Catalogue codes: ISBN:3-7667-0335-8
Pages: 368
Format: 283×256 mm

The book is an extensive and exhaustive analysis of all heraldic partitions, charges, crests, crowns, supporters etc. albeit with a (logical) emphasis on German heraldry. Every single instance is pictured, blazoned and examples of actual arms given. There is little purely vexillological content, though it does include a couple of pages about flags, how they are called and described. In my humble opinion it is worth the price for anybody with a certain interest in heraldry, even if he/she is absolutely ignorant of German.
Nozomi Kariyasu, 21 Jan 2002


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Title: Das neue Flaggenrechtsgesetz
(in English: The new maritime flag law)
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Kurt v. Laun
Language: German (High)
Source title: Monatsschrift für deutsches Recht
Source number (date): 5-4 (1951)
Source pages: 206-208
Source edition (publisher: place): Schmidt: Köln / Hamburg (Germany)


Title: An unknown flag of Franconia
Medium: article in a vexillological source
Main author(s): Martin Lange
Language: English
Source title: The Flag Bulletin [tfb]
Source number (date): XL-3 = 199 (2001)
Source pages: 100-101 + 114-118


Title: A Confederação Portuguesa
(in English: The Portuguese Confederation)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Marco Lino
Edition (publisher: place): Renascença Editora: Lisboa (Portugal)
Language: Portuguese
Edition date: 1974.05 (1st ed.)
Pages: 164
Format: 233×163
Remarks: Includes flag proposals for the post-revolution Portuguese Empire; see here


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