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Title: A Bandeira e o Hino — símbolos de Portugal
(in English: Flag and anthem, symbols of Portugal)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Ana Maria Magalhães; Isabel Alçada
Edition (publisher: place): Editorial do Ministério da Educação: Mem Martins (Sintra) (Portugal)
Language: Portuguese
Edition date: 1997.09 (3rd ed.)
Catalogue codes: ISBN:972-767-000-8; Dep. Leg.: 110 923/97
Pages: 44
Format: 194×194(×5) mm
Remarks: Bundled along with a CD, [p9t97], packaged with identical cover design but quite different in content.


Obsolete entry! Please refer to [p9t97]


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Title: Schwarzgelb
(in English: Black-yellow)
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Language: German (High)
Source title: Armeeblatt
Source number (date): 15 (1896)
Source pages: 776-777
Source edition (publisher: place): Seidel: Wien (Austria)


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Title: Regimental Colours
Medium: book
Main author(s): Ames, Capt. G. S.
Edition (publisher: place): (United Kingdom)
Language: English
Edition date: 1907
Pages: 7


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Title: Symbole de l’Andorre
(in English: Symbol of Andorra)
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): Lidia Armengol Vida
Language: French
Source title: Approche à l’histoire de l’Andorre
Source number (date): (1983)
Source pages: 90-91
Source edition (publisher: place): Instituts d’Estudis Andorrans: Andorra (Andorra)


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Title: Badische Fahnen und Standarten. Karlsruhe am Rhein
(in English: Baden colours and standards)
Medium: book
Edition (publisher: place): Armeemuseum Karlsruhe: Karlsruhe (Germany)
Language: German (High)
Edition date: 1936
Pages: 39
Format: 27 cm


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Title: As Bandeiras e Estandartes do Exército Português em finais do Antigo Regime
(in English: Portuguese Army Flags and Banners by the end of the Ancient Regime)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Manuel Amaral
Edition (publisher: place): (Portugal)
Language: Portuguese
Remarks: About the 1793-1823 period. Available on line.


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Title: El escudo y la bandera. Memoria y diseño de los símbolos de la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid
(in English: The coat-of-arms and the flag. Report and design of the symbols of the Madrid Autonomous Community)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Santiago Amón
Edition (publisher: place): Comunidad de Madrid: Madrid (Spain)
Language: Castillian (a.k.a. Spanish)
Edition date: 1984 (1st ed.)
Catalogue codes: ISBN:84-500-9765-7; D.L. M.9.411-1984
Remarks: available on line


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Title: A note as to the time heraldry was adopted by the Irish chiefs
Medium: article in a non-vexillological source
Main author(s): E. C. R. Armstrong
Language: English
Source title: Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
Source number (date): 43 (1913)
Source pages: 66-72


Title: Symboler för Posten
(in English: Symbols for the Post Service)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Bo Andersson
Edition (publisher: place): Postmuseum: Stockholm (Sweden)
Language: Swedish
Edition date: 1994 (1st ed.)
Catalogue codes: ISBN 91-971567-8-7, ISSN:1100-5092
Pages: 30
Format: A4 (tall) (279×210 mm)


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Title: Heraldiska vapen i Sverige
Medium: book
Main author(s): Per Andersson
Edition (publisher: place): (unknown publisher): Mjölby (Sweden)
Language: Swedish
Edition date: 1989
Pages: 112


Title: Nordiska korsflaggor
(in English: Scandinavian cross flags)
Medium: book
Main author(s): Per Andersson
Edition (publisher: place): Bokförlaget Draking: Mjölby (Sweden)
Language: Swedish
Edition date: 1992 (no edition specified; presumably first)
Catalogue codes: ISBN:91-87784-04-1
Pages: 32
Format: 21×14 cm

Andersson has quite a number of fanciful flags, and he does not tell much about the quality of his sources. Several of the flag proposals seem to be his own, though he doesn’t necessarily say so.
Jan Oskar Engene, Oct 99


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Title: Heraldik. Läran om vapenmärken
Medium: book
Main author(s): Per Andersson
Edition (publisher: place): Bokförlaget Draking: Mjölby (Sweden)
Language: Swedish
Edition date: 19