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Title: Ensign & Jack
Medium: periodical
Edition (publisher: place): Canadian Flag Association / Lʼ Association canadienne de Vexillologie (Canada)
Language: English
Publishing dates: since 1998
Catalogue codes: ISSN:1492-8477
Remarks: Chart like flyer, supplement to [fsc].


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Title: Our Flags. Their Origin, Use and Tradition
Medium: book
Main author(s): S. Eardley-Wilmot, Rear Admiral
Edition (publisher: place): Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent, & Co., Ltd.: London (United Kingdom)
Language: English
Edition date: 1901 (1st ed.)
Format: 8vo (25×17 ±5 cm)
Remarks: hardcover


Title: Flags of Aspirant Peoples
Medium: chart
Main author(s): John Edwards; Ralph G. C. Bartlett
Edition (publisher: place): Flag Society of Australia (Australia)
Language: English
Edition date: 1994 (1st ed.)
Format: 80×60 cm

Colour chart published in 1994 by the Flag Society of Australia and the Flag Research Center. Authors and copyright holders: John Edwards & Ralph Bartlett. Includes 202 flags and a geographical map for location and does not give any precision other than «The legal status of the flags on this chart varies widely. The flags appear as a matter of record only, and may not be taken to represent any opinion of the compilers or publisher as to their status. Flags on this chart are correct as of December 1993.»

  1. Orandia
  2. KwaZulu
  3. Mayotte (Comoro Islands Democratic Front)
  4. Cabinda
  5. Katanga
  6. South Kasai
  7. Lualaba
  8. Batwa
  9. Ruwenzuru
  10. Buganda
  11. Eri
  12. Western Region
  13. Northern Nigeria
  14. Biafra
  15. Benin
  16. Madeira
  17. Azores islands
  18. Revolutionary Movement of the Blue Men
  19. Chad (Frolinat)
  20. North Chad
  21. Republic of Logone
  22. Anya-Nya
  23. Imatong
  24. Oromia
  25. Somaliland Republic
  26. West Somali Liberation Front
  27. Judea
  28. Druzes - Israel
  29. Druzes - Lebanon
  30. Lebanon Christians